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Egarage is focused on being an online garage. Where customers could avail of the various services without having to visit the Garage. The objective is to provide suitable, swift and affordable solutions to all car owners. Our services are Car Servicing, Polishing, Interior Cleaning & Exterior Washing, Brake Repair, Clutch Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Car Horn Repair, Car Filter, Oil Replacement, Complete Car Engine Work, Electrical Works, Car Painting And Denting, Car Suspension, Car Steering and Transmission Work.There are a lot of so called experts in the wonderful world of the automobiles. While I hardly consider myself an expert, cars have been an undeniable force in my life, even before I was born. The offline version of the e-garage was started by my father in the early sixties. It would offer services like car rentals only, then. By the seventies he also began a repairs section with the aid of a friend. And by the end of that year, he established, Alfa Motor Garage.

As a baby i would be dragged around all over the place. The smell of hot Castrol R and octane was burned into my brain and left a lasting impression. Growing up, I hung out with mechanics & spent many summers tuning car engines,test driving cars and deliver them after servicing. The garage was a favourite place for me, with possibly the coolest collection of air cooled wonders imaginable. Including a very early Honda Accord, a Jeep Cheeroke, a Toyota Crown and a three tyred car called – Dolphin.

In high school, i started working as a apprentince to learn the finer aspects of car mechanics and electricals. Ever since then it has been a learning process which is still on. On the professional side, i have commenced offering customised car care services and car rentals. Through all of this, I’ve kept my childish obsession with cars and car repairing alive and kicking!

Academically i am an MBA with a Bachelors in Chemistry. And started my career working for the pharma and the education industry. But my passion has always been to serve customers with affordable and reliable solutions for their cars. And at the same time provide a platform for other like – minded car service providers to reach out to customers.